MONET: TENOM - Public Token Sale
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Terms & Conditions


  • Implied MONET valuation: CHF 14,285,714
  • Price per token: CHF 1.54
  • Currencies accepted: ETH - FIAT
  • Exchange rate: The Buyer is to make a contribution in ETH equivalent with the ETH/CHF exchange rate determined at 12am GMT of the day the Buyer signs the agreement, but no later than three days after receiving the agreement by the Buyer via the official means of communication from the Company (official email or KYC provider)


  • Total token supply: 10 000 000 TENOM
  • Presale: 30%
  • Public sale: 40%
  • Team: 10% (Founders / Core team)
  • Advisors and partnerships: 5%
  • Foundation*: 15%
  • * Foundation tokens: MONET reserves the right to distribute the portion of the tokens in foundation via the Public sale that may take place immediately preceding the Monet Hub launch


  • Timing for the Presale: 15-31 of July, 2019
  • Timing for the Public sale: 16-27 of September, 2019
  • Percent of Tokens to be Sold on the Public sale: The Team may sell up to 40%. This is the maximum percentage of tokens that will be distributed during the Public sale, which will take place immediately preceding the Monet Hub launch. In case of unfavourable market conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances the team reserves the right to sell less than 20% of token supply at the Public sale. The unsold tokens will go to Foundation.


  • Timing: tokens will be transferred to the Public sale contributors immediately before the Monet Hub launch


  • TENOM sale participants lockups: tokens become transferable after the Monet Hub launch
  • Core team lockups: two year proportionate monthly token release


  • Maximum participation cap: depends on strategic value a select contributor is able to provide
  • KYC: yes
  • GEO Limitations: allowed all countries except the USA and China

In order to participate, please apply to our Whitelist or you can learn more about TENOM token and how it works in Monet HUB. In case, you want to get conditions of Private Presale just write us on email:

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