MONET: Developers


We invite developers join our open source community and help develop MONET ecosystem.

If you have passion in decentralized applications or want to build own p2p mobile app than you are in right place. Your help is much appreciated!


Bounty program - Illustration

Our long term objective is to build open-source tools and infrastructure to facilitate the development of effective p2p applications. Our approach is to build things from the ground up; to start with apps, and develop the tools and infrastructure as needs arise. Of course, this is a bit of a chicken and egg problem, but the current stable version of Babble — our mobile-friendly consensus protocol — and the example Android applications should be a good starting point. In the first iteration of this bounty program we invite developers to experiment with Babble and build mobile applications for Android and iOS.

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Bounty program - Illustration


We’re looking for talented and motivated developers to join our team and help us build MONET. If you’ve had a look at our code, blogs, whitepaper, roadmap, etc, and think you could make a valuable contribution, please send an email to

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