EVM-Lite - Illustration


A lean Ethereum node with interchangeable consensus

We took the Go-Ethereum implementation (Geth) and extracted the EVM and Trie components to create a lean and modular version with interchangeable consensus.

What is Monet - Illustration

The EVM is a virtual machine specifically designed to run untrusted code on a network of computers. Every transaction applied to the EVM modifies the State which is persisted in a Merkle Patricia tree. This data structure allows to simply check if a given transaction was actually applied to the VM and can reduce the entire State to a single hash (merkle root) rather analogous to a fingerprint.

The EVM is meant to be used in conjunction with a system that broadcasts transactions across network participants and ensures that everyone executes the same transactions in the same order. Ethereum uses a Blockchain and a Proof of Work consensus algorithm. EVM-Lite makes it easy to use any consensus system, including Babble.

EVM-Lite - Illustration